Molten Mesh

A naked body. An empty canvas of fabrics.

Stitches begin to erupt across the garment, paving their journey through layers of mesh.
The needle flows through, connecting thread with sequin, gradually growing into a lavish bundle of embroideries.

The delicate handsewn adornment begins to run through the garment, individualizing each piece with the pattern that trails its enchanting path. The road towards finding one’s self and all the wonders within.

The Molten Mesh collection was shot among lush gardens hidden within the concrete jungle of Beirut, Lebanon; one of the many places from which the designer draws her inspiration.

The story of this first collection depicts the journey of self-awareness and all that it encapsulates, beginning with a muffled voice, and leading to a burst of expression. As the collection unravels before the world, embroidery gushes across the garments, roaming loosely around the fabrics.

This collection employs black, white and grey crepe and tulle that act as carefully crafted canvases of jackets, dresses, trousers, tops, and accessories. Just like the trajectories of self-discovery, high-quality colorful thread vigorously paves the way with embroidery on plain mesh with bold hues of red, orange, yellow and blue, taking up to two weeks to ignite.

Much like the journeys of these embellishments, Molten Mesh combines the minds and talents of a multinational team, spanning from the Middle East to the U.S. As they lend their expertise to give birth to a new collection, their different cultures and experiences melt together, giving light to a single and united vision.